Instituto Geológico y Minero de España IGME

The Geological Survey of Spain (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España – IGME) was created by a Royal Decree of 12th July 1849 with the original denomination of “Commission for the Geological Chart of Madrid and the Kingdom”. Today IGME is a self-governing Public Research Institution specialized in Earth Sciences, attached to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The activity of the IGME is focused on Geology and Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Marine Geology and Basin Analysis, Geological Resources and Mining and Geo-environmental Sciences.

The IGME research lines include, between others: Geological Hazards, Groundwater suainable management, Soil contamination, Mineral Resources and Environmental impact of Mining, Global Change effects reduction, 3D Geological modelling.

The main mission of IGME is to provide the State Administration, the Autonomous Regions Administrations and the general society, with precise knowledge and information regarding the Earth Sciences and related technologies for any development on the Spanish territory. With a staff of around 400 employees, IGME has 96 permanent researchers and 59 pre-and post-doctoral researchers.

The Central Office is located in Madrid (C/ Ríos Rosas 23, 28003 Madrid, but the IGME has 12 delegations in different regions of Spain. It also has an international delegation in Luanda (Angola).

Role in the project:

IGME will lead the WP3 (A-DInSAR analysis of the test sites) and will be actively involved in the following activities in the Spanish test site: WP2: Groundwater conceptual model setup and stakeholder requirements; WP4: Interpretation of EO data to detect and monitor aquifer related deformation, estimate aquifer hydraulic properties, 3D engineering geological model of the subsoils. Analysis of geological and hydrogeological data, interpretation of the subsidence mechanisms; WP5: Building, setting up, calibrating and executing the numerical groundwater flow models; WP6: Deformation model development and aquifer storage assessment; WP7: Development of guidelines for groundwater governance; WP8: Dissemination and Exploitation and Communication.



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