Work Packages

RESERVOIR is organized in eight work packages (WPs). WP2-WP7 include the major technical activities. The first and the last work packages (WP1 and WP8) are the horizontal activities that run all through the course of the project.

WP1 (Project management) and WP2 (Stakeholder requirements and groundwater conceptual model setup for each pilot site) represents phase 1, devoted to define the stakeholder requirements and to plan the management. WP2 is devoted to collect the data for each pilot site. WP3 (EO processing) and WP4 (EO validation and interpretation) represent phase 3, aimed to develop an innovative approach for the hydrogeological characterization of aquifer systems using low-cost and non-intrusive data (PO1). WP5 (Groundwater numerical model development and calibration) and WP6 (Deformation model development and aquifer storage assessment) represent phase 4 and use the output from phases 2 and 3, to integrate advanced EO techniques into numerical groundwater flow and geomechanical models by improving the knowledge about the current capacity to storage water and simulate the future response of aquifer systems to stresses (PO2). WP7 (Development of guidelines for groundwater governance in the pilot sites) represents phase 5, and is aimed to engage the water management authorities by providing these models and supporting them in their exploitation for an optimal management of the aquifer systems. Moreover, it is aimed at enhancing the knowledge about the impacts of agricultural and tourism activities on the management of water resources in the pilot sites to mitigate the consequences of global changes (PO3 and PO4). WP8 is aimed to disseminate and exchange the generated knowledge among the experts (PO5).