In Mediterranean areas; groundwater resources are taking a more prominent role in providing fresh water supplies in the framework of climatic global changes. Hence, the compound challenges that water planners have to face will require a new generation of more efficient aquifer management plans to address the broad impacts on aquifer storage and aquifer water quality as a result of land subsidence and salinization.

A sustainable groundwater management taking into account the social, economic and environmental issues is a complex challenge that requires the involvement of multidisciplinary expertise. Therefore, there is the necessity to move from a fragmented system with multiple policies to a holistic integrated approach.  RESERVOIR project is structured as a consortium that includes hydrogeological, engineering geological, geotechnical engineering, remote sensing, numerical modelling, scientists, sustainable tourism and groundwater manager expertises.


RESERVOIR project will address the listed scientific questions:

How can we manage groundwater resources to avoid seawater intrusion?

How can we manage groundwater resources to avoid groundwater over-exploitation and the subsequent land subsidence risk?

How can we manage groundwater resources to ensure sustainable use of groundwater?

How can we manage groundwater resources to preserve groundwater-dependent ecosystem?