Giorgio Pilla

Giorgio Pilla (male) Giorgio Pilla (male) is a Researcher in Engineering Geology at DSTA, where he leads the Laboratory of Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry. He earned a PhD in Earth Sciences from University of Pavia, Italy, in 1996. The research activity is mainly addressed to: interaction between stream and groundwater in Po Plain and in Alps and in Apennines; water management and relationship with pollution by nitrates and other contaminants of urban-agricultural origin and hydrogeological characterization for the remediation of polluted sites; influence of human activities on hydrogeological setting of the Po Plain and in fractured rocks in Alps and Apennines (Italy) using hydrogeological, geomechanics, hydrochemical and isotopical tools (d18O and d2H of the water, d13C and 14C of the carbonates, d15N and d18O of the nitrates, d34S and d18O of the sulfhates); vulnerability of groundwater to pollution; exploitation and management of mineralized groundwater; interaction between the deep paleo salt waters of the Po plain and fresh waters.