Francesco Zucca

Francesco Zucca (male) is a Researcher of Geomorphology and Physical Geography at DSTA.

He earned a PhD in Earth Sciences from University of Pavia, Italy, in 2005. At DSTA he is head of the Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory. F.Z. research activity is mainly addressed to the advanced use of Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis for Geological and Environmental application, with focus on:

- the development of approaches of advanced Time Series processing and analysis of SAR data (both satellite and ground-based) for detection and monitoring terrain deformation processes (anthropic subsidence, landslides and tectonics) and their integration with other geodetic measurements.

- develop change analysis approaches to remote sensing data (VIR, SWIR, TIR and microwaves) for geo-biophysical processes detection and mapping at heterogeneous scale and time.

- Digital Soil Mapping and proximal remote sensing based on UAV for environmental application.