Adrián J. Riquelme

Adrián J. Riquelme (Male) – M.Eng. Civil Engineer and M.Eng. Geological Engineer, received his PhD. degree in the UA focused on the application of remote sensing techniques to rock mechanics. He has 6+ years of experience using ground-based 3D laser scanning instruments, exploitation of 3D airborne laser scanner datasets, as well as on the generation of digital models through digital photogrammetry (SfM technique) for change detection, monitoring and characterization of ground surface processes as land subsidence and earth fissures generation due to fluid extraction. He has participated in several projects focused on the multisensory monitoring of land subsidence. He currently has a full-time position in the DIC-UA. He worked as a part time lecturer at the DIC-UA from 2012 to 2015, currently has a full-time position in the same department and is member of the INTERES research group.

e-mail: ariquelme@ua.es

personal webpage: https://personal.ua.es/en/ariquelme/personal-page-of-adrian-riquelme-guill.html