Miguel Cano

Dr. Miguel Cano (Male) - Ph.D., Civil Engineer (B.Eng.), Geological Engineer (B. Eng. and M.Eng. – 2nd National Award) and Master in Building Construction and Real Estate Management. Currently he is Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering at the DIC-UA. He is member of the UNIRAD, the INTERES research group and the Spanish WG on land subsidence. His research interests include the use of remote sensing techniques for monitoring changes in the Earth’s surface for engineering applications and infrastructures built on sinking areas as well as the evaluation of the effects of land subsidence on the structures built on these areas. He worked in companies of EAB group for 20 years, where he specialized in structural and foundation design, structural rehabilitation projects and projects related to forensic geotechnical engineering. He was technical director of the company for the last 5 years in the business.

e-mail: Miguel.cano@ua.es

personal webpage: https://personal.ua.es/es/miguel-cano/