Javier Valdes-Abellan

Dr. Javier Valdes-Abellan (Male) – B.Eng. Civil Engineer and M.Eng. Civil Engineer. Received his PhD by the UA (PhD award) in 2013. He currently has a full-time position in the DIC-UA, and is the director of the research group in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (INGHA). He has 9+ year of experience in characterization and modelling of water flow and solute transport in porous media, under saturated and non-saturated conditions, including experience in both laboratory- and field-scale experiments. His field research also includes the study of climate change in general and the identification of precipitation trends in particular, mainly focus on Mediterranean semi-arid climates; this line includes the impacts of those forces in water resources. He has participated in several projects funded by the Spanish government focused on the use of non-conventional water (reclaimed wastewater, desalinated), in artificial groundwater recharge experiences in African-Mediterranean countries, and in EU projects focused on the improvement of water resources in agriculture.

e-mail: javier.valdes@ua.es

personal webpage: https://personal.ua.es/es/javier-valdes/